We will be forever grateful to the generous friends and neighbors who believed enough in the ideas we had to establish a nano brewery in West Glenville that is focussed on the people and the community it serves.  These folks stepped out in faith – we had nothing to show them except a vision that you couldn’t touch or see (and they only had a very small taste) – and they made it possible for us to begin.

When you enjoy Your Beer. Brewed Here. give these folks a pat on the back and share our thanks with them again.

Wolf Hollow FOUNDERS:

John and Jill Bednarek
Andy and Karen Decker
Jack and Patti Ellis
Randy and Sharon Giles
Steve and Annie Helbling
Eric and Chrissy Letterman
Adam and Megan Musser
Jay Pokines and Andrea Becker
Jim Schlansker
Richard Schlansker
Rick and Dianne Sleeper
Dan and Pat Testo
David Ritrovato
Dave and Becky White
Jim White


Heath and Michelle Ahnert
Charlie and Andrea Beers
Joe Culbert
Dan and Barb Diggins
Ken and Amy Galluccio
Jamie Gross
Walt and Jean Hayes
Stan Horton and Anita Jaffe
Andrew and Lindsay Mezeske
Larry and Kathy Rooney
Dave and Sandy Stoll
Frank VanValkenburg and Bromwyn Helene


  1. Paul Batzinger · · Reply

    Nice to hear of new business in the area . Do you have tours ?

    1. We hope to be able to offer tours in the near future – in truth, our brew system and entire production area is not that large so we can be pretty flexible with this. Another great aspect of Wolf Hollow Brewing is that you get the chance to talk to the brewers themselves, when your growlers are being filled – every Thursday night – so please, feel free to ask questions! We love to talk about our beer and all that goes into the process of crafting it – almost as much as we enjoy drinking it.

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